The Village of Grand Gaube: Authenticity & Charm

The Village of Grand Gaube : Authenticity & Charm

Butte à l'Herbe, Calodyne, Melville... All these localities are part of Grand Gaube, where "living life on the coast" really takes on its full meaning. First featured on the Descubes map in 1880, the village offers an idyllic setting for nature lovers and enthusiasts of breath-taking scenery, with its incredible views of Coin de Mire, Ile Plate and Ile Ronde. Here's an overview of this charming and picturesque little village.

The authenticity of the place

In addition to its natural beauty, Grand Gaube's picturesque charm with its Creole accents and warm ambience will win you over. A stroll through the village streets, where lively conversations echo, reveals a rich, vibrant culture steeped in ancestral traditions. The village of Grand Gaube itself has no real centre, just a cluster of small stores and tin-roofed huts drowned in exotic vegetation. Characterized by small bays and rocky promontories, Grand Gaube beach remains more of a local meeting place than a tourist attraction, allowing locals to enjoy a great deal of tranquillity. But what really makes this village special is its unspoilt authenticity. This fishing village offers a true immersion in Mauritian life in all its simplicity.  Just look at the children in the church square by the beach, chasing a ball, zigzagging between parked cars and bicycles. Or its inhabitants daydreaming in the shade of the trees, lulled by a gentle sea breeze and the smell of salt, in an atmosphere typical of Mauritius.

Living in this neighbourhood

Accommodations ranging from residential bungalows to luxury hotels, such as the LUX* and Veranda Paul et Virginie, welcome visitors to an enchanting setting. These places are also reminders of the village's fascinating history, such as the thatched-roof bungalow where Sir Gaëtan Duval, a prominent political figure in Mauritius, once resided. His son, Xavier-Luc Duval, also a famous politician, still lives there with his family. Although peaceful, Grand Gaube remains well connected to urban amenities, just a fifteen-minute drive from the lively seaside resort of Grand-Baie and 5 minutes from the village of Goodlands. This proximity offers residents the perfect balance of tranquillity and convenience. From seafront or inland homes to building plots, if you're looking for this kind of lifestyle, check out our properties in this area: L'Adresse Immobilier

Things to do in the area

For seafood, you can buy fresh fish cleaned on site by the fishermen. In addition, the Melville barachois is home to local oysters, grown following a 75-year-old tradition. To get a taste of local life, browse the bustling Goodlands market, where you can shop for fresh produce, saris and other clothing, and enjoy delicious street food such as spicy samosas and coconut fritters. The village of Grand-Gaube also has some hidden gems, that will help you discover the local and international cuisine. Restaurants - Trip Advisor Explore the beautiful islands off the north coast of Mauritius. The nearest, Île Ambre, can be reached by kayak on a guided excursion, during which you'll paddle through the mangroves of the island's calm lagoon and enjoy a picnic on the beach. Kayak tours Ile d'Ambre


This authentic and peaceful atmosphere makes this place a privileged location for those seeking a truly immersive Mauritian experience. Whether for a quiet getaway or long-term residence, Grand Gaube offers an ideal setting where authenticity and charm prevails. Some would say that this place is one of the rare villages where you can still see "the old Mauritian lifestyle".